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For 42 years there seems to be something lacking among us TWGSS alumni, teachers and students. We are all separated world-wide but there is a strong wish among us to meet and come together. The recent emails from my Huckleberry friends Charles Liu, Hayward Ng and Michael Ling have sparked off the idea in the back of my mind to make a quick bridge linking us all together regardless of time and space........a web site which I christened the

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TWGSS Alumni Teacher Student Meeting Point
. The objective of our TWGSS Alumni Teacher Student Meeting Point is to re-unite all TWGSS alumni, teachers and students world-wide. I am building the site from scratch and hope all our TWGSS alumni, teachers and students can chip in web pages, photos and articles to properly setting up our first web site in history.

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I also wish to thank Mr. Chung To Wan with all my heart for being my first TWGSS pilot-teacher who helped me to "take off" in English.

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dedication Francis Y.C. Chin, Q.S. J.P.

I also wish to thank Ms. Leung Theresa Siu-Han with all my heart for being my first TWGSS pilot-teacher who helped me to "take off" in English.

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Alex P. Cheng, LC

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Welcome! Welcome all alumni, past and present teachers and existing students of TWGSS. If you are an alumni, past and present teacher or an existing student of TWGSS you can automatically register yourself to be a user of TWGSS Alumni and Student Meeting Point by completing the following

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User Registration Form
or by sending an email giving your name, home address, email address,  and your year of study or graduation from TWGSS  to the Webmaster
. To preserve the privacy of TWGSS alumni, teachers and students only registered users are allowed into TWGSS Alumni Teacher Student Meeting Point. This information will be kept in a registration database that is accessible only to the webmaster, not to ordinary users.

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One of the main benefits of having a protected web like

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TWGSS Alumni Teacher Student Meeting Point
is that authorized users don't have to keep typing their names into form fields, such as when submitting an article to a discussion group, because the web server already knows who they are. Similarly, other users can be reasonably sure that you really sent the articles and postings attributed to you, and that someone else didn't pretend to be you when posting.

After you are successfully registered, a password for access will be emailed to you. Your web browser will ask you to type in your username and password the first time you try to access TWGSS Alumni Teacher Student Meeting Point. The browser will remember this information for as long as it continues to run, so you can access any document in TWGSS Alumni Teacher Student Meeting Point without being asked for it again.

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